The Atlantic City Board of Education expects the administration and faculty of ACHS to strictly enforce the following policy. Please be advised that the enforcement of this policy is a challenging and ongoing process. Parents are required to send students to school in the approved attire. Students are required to arrive at school and adhere to all required items of this policy for the entire school day. This document supersedes any and all previous documents regarding student dress at ACHS.

ACHS Acceptable Shirts


  • Collared golf shirts may have ACHS related Logos only
  • Shirts must be loosely fitted and midriffs must be covered and shirts must be buttoned above the chest line
  • Shirt colors are only solid white, solid black or solid dark navy blue
  • Items worn under golf shirts must be solid colors: solid white, solid black or solid navy blue

Not Acceptable:

  • Dress shirts and Turtlenecks
  • Tank tops, T-shirts, thin-strapped tops, tube tops, mesh, fishnet styles, spandex-type materials or clothing which exposes the back, chest, shoulders or midriff and low cut shirts
  • Material cannot be sheer, see-through or shiny nylon, denim or denim like
  • Shirts may not be altered

Pants & Shorts


  • Docker-style, corduroy or dress pants with no more than five regular size pockets
  • Bermuda or walking shorts must touch the knee
  • Shorts (may be worn September 1 – November 1 & April 1 – End of Year)
  • Capri pants
  • Pant cuffs must be within the heel to toe of student’s footwear
  • Pants must have pockets
  • Pants must be approximately sized and worn at the waist
  • Pant colors are, solid black and solid dark navy blue only

Not Acceptable:

  • Skirts or Skorts
  • Material cannot be sheer, see-through or shiny nylon, denim or denim like
  • Chain, link or personalized belts
  • Cargo pants, parachute pants, outside side pockets, painter’s pants, overalls, hip-huggers dance pants, sweatpants, pajama pants or leggings
  • Drawstrings on the bottom of pants



Students participating in athletics may wear their team uniform top only on the day of the event. If the top is not polo, you must wear your school uniform shirt underneath.

Not Acceptable:

  • Wearing team uniform out of season

Temporary Exemption

Students may request a dress code exemption for dress shirts, ties and or dresses for classroom presentations, interviews and/or college visits by completing the approved exemption with their Assistant Principal at least five (5) days